Chanel Sport Collection 2008 Ad Campaign

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Sport equals tradition chez Chanel. Remember Coco Chanel saying
“I invented sport suits for me. Not because other women were playing sports, but because I was playing them.”

After breaking trough with Chanel Ski and Chanel Bike, this summer it all seems to turn autour tennis.

Chanel Sport Collection 2008 Ad Campaign
Though it’s expected to find cycling outfits and/or accessories, this first picture from the spring-summer 2008 Chanel sport collection let’s us in on a fifties world of white sports (including a surfing board we see just between the two models).

The collection hits stores on May. What is there to say about it? I’d love to have a Chanel bike, for instance, but I wouldn’t give that for a professional bike either.

I would love to join the tennis court in Chanel from tip to toes, but what tennis would that be without my Wilson or my Head? I don’t trade years of experience in a field for fashion if I mean business.

So it’s good news for the jetsetters, I presume, but I stick with pros. What about you? Do you think it’s worth it? Sports and haute couture together? Or it’s all about image?

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