LUCI Lancôme 2008 Preview

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We all have our fetish beauty products. Well, Lancôme it’s ours! After having tried lots and lots of mascaras (just to pick an example), Lancôme was the final choice even blindfolded.

After the rumours of breaking up between makeup artist Gucci Westman and Lancôme, we’re looking forward for what it is to believed her last beauty launch signed Lancôme.

LUCI Lancome 2008

L.U.C.I means Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence and it’s gonna be in stores next month. The design of the Collection is futuristic and organic and it features:
• L.U.C.I Eyes – Light Color in Motion Eye Shadow Duo ($45.00)
• Photonic – Illuminating Powder Brush Face ($40.00)
• Ombre Glacee – Cooling Gel Illuminator Eyes ($22.00)
• Color Fever Gloss – Sensual Vibrant Lipshine ($23.00)
• Traceur Design – Illuminating Long-Lasting Eyeliner Soft Brush ($20.00)

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