Beyonce Proudly Wearing Emporio Armani Red Nightgown (dress)

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I’ve got nothing against this girl. She’s hard working, she’s curvy and kept her curves fighting the slimming-pressure against all odds, she’s so discreet in her relationship that you’d even say she doesn’t have one, short – the perfect next door girl.

Sometimes, though, I cannot help myself wondering what ever happened to the mirrors at her place (or the hotel, for instance). I’m sure she’s choosing wisely her outfits for the Red Carpet appearances (and still she misses big), her mum’s creations are sometimes so Beyonce-fit that she must be using the scissors to undress.

Beyonce Emporio Armani Red Dress Beyonce Armani Red Dress

I prayed she got off that mermaid thingy but this Little Red Riding Hood nightgown she showed off for the Emporio Armani Diamonds Perfume Campaign in Milan is somehow outrageous.

This incredible Armani Dress makes her look even curvier than she already generously is, it’s shapeless (just look at that bubble-tulip-red-negligee and you’ll see just what I mean), it’s just not Beyonce-fit. What’s wrong with her? Not to mention she looks so sad she makes me feel for her (and her Armani dress).
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