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Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction For Women Perfume
Antonio Banderas. How many sighs has he ripped off your enchanted hearts? He’s one of those rare actors who have a special force driving them... Read More

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Ever since I first saw the Pink Panther I fell in love with the famous “Hamburger” scene. What a simple way to create a funny... Read More

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You know how everyone is high on nineties supermodels. Well this is a flashback moment with some of the supers. If you missed Nadja Auermann,... Read More

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So many times we feel sitting ducks in front of the merciless marketing, so many times we felt the urge to absolutely buy something we... Read More

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Lagerfeld Confidentiel DVD Unleashed
Rudolphe Marconi’s hard work is out on dvd – Lagerfeld Confidentiel can be yours to take home and delight yourself with an every day wisdom... Read More

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Every now and then we all need some dancing lessons and letting go techniques. Not to mention some catchy music. Hitch wasn’t that much of... Read More

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The Future According To Lacoste
Since everyone’s getting ahead of fashion presenting shows a year ahead of their time, why not presenting points of view 75 years ahead? I talked... Read More

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About now I think it’s clear enough I have a weakness for dancing and everything related. Today’s Friday Break is only confirming that. It has... Read More

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