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Kanye West And The Louis Vuitton Trunks
I was reading an interview of Mighty Kanye and I came across a valuable piece of information you should be aware of when it comes... Read More

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Victoria’s Secret Vs McDonalds
When you do your daily fun reading and find something great, don’t you just love sharing? The same goes with this Overheard in New York... Read More

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It’s a new, fresh week, let me entertain you with some new, fresh fashion talk firsthand, from the very models! Karlie Kloss is one of... Read More

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Coco Rocha Love Letter For Wintour’s Vogue!
Coco Rocha had an epiphany hanging out in the Vogue offices. Not only she understood the wheels that put a magazine in motion, but also... Read More

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Kanye West, The King Of Pop?
Self crowned, of course, just like the rest of Kanye’s titles and ego-honors! Now after seeing what he recently declared I’m starting to believe the... Read More

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Carine Roitfeld’s Snobby Talk
If Anna Wintour dug her own fashion-grave when politics took over her style & fashion self, the fashpopulation of the world turns to France for... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Beauty Secrets
He might already be a sociophobe, a diet specialist, but the Kaiser still has so many things in store for us! He was recently interviewed... Read More

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How To Lose Weight? (the Kaiser way)
It’s not the latest news flooding the Internet bytes waves, but it’s simply irresistible! Karl Lagerfeld’s wisdom is something we should hang on to. Fierce,... Read More

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