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Check Out The $1,500 Louboutin Sneakers I Would Never Buy!
Remember yesterday I was saying something about wanting an entire Belstaff wardrobe? That, for me, was the very peak of snobbery dreaming. This month (wink).... Read More

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6 Stunning Couture Dresses, Valentino Spring 2013 Couture Collection
I think I could stare at Couture all day long! There’s just so much going on with haute couture, so many details to check out,... Read More

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How They Make Shoes Soles: RedWing Shoes Handmade Quality
I’ve been looking for the right pair of boots this season both for yours truly and also for My Adored Husband. Reading, starring, searching, I... Read More

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Most Disappointing Fashion Collaboration: Raf Simons Adidas Sneakers
I’ve been looking here and there for the right pair of athletic shoes for yours truly to wear & tear. I haven’t yet reached a... Read More

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This Is Where Louboutin Shoes Are Made!
Every now and then I visit a special place where I find reports about special visits into special places, with special people, with tons of... Read More

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Elle Fanning’s Chanel White Flowery Dress, Weird Shoes, Critics Choice Awards 2013
If someone can pull off a total Chanel look, than that someone is definitely Elle Fanning! I think it’s her smile that does the trick,... Read More

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Saskia De Brauw Laughing For Katie Grand’s Hogan Collection
If you’re not living in Italy – or at least Europe, chances are the ‘Hogan’ brand won’t sound the least familiar to your fashionable ears.... Read More

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Loving Adidas Chinese Year Of The Snake Sneakers
Talking about the New Year: I just saw two pairs of lovely Originals sneakers from Adidas meant to celebrate just that: the upcoming Chinese Year... Read More

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