How They Make Shoes Soles: RedWing Shoes Handmade Quality

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I’ve been looking for the right pair of boots this season both for yours truly and also for My Adored Husband. Reading, starring, searching, I narrowed down my selection to a few key brands and RedWing was one of them. The story, the presentation, the legend that the RedWing Shoes Company embody appealed to me.

I told you before, regardless of the design, I will forever favor brands with a story. Labels that believe in more than just financial retribution. This video below showcases this exact particularity in RedWing shoes: the quality and the respect for the product and the customer.

So, my dahlings, just out of curiosity if you’re not (yet) familiarized with RedWing, check out how the shoes soles are being molded and crafted in the video you’ll find after the jump! Beautiful!

RedWing shoes

inside redwing boots

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