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Would You Pay $200,000 For A Hermes Birkin Bag?
Because I sure as heck wouldn’t! I know it’s Christmas and all, but come on? $203,150 for a bag? At a recent auction that took... Read More

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The Louis Vuitton LV Condom. Real Or Fake?
Though this may just be one of those LV fanatics dreams came true, the Louis Vuitton condom is said to be in no way affiliate... Read More

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Fun, Colorful Armchair. Cappellini Proust Geometrica Armchair
Reading endless lists of Christmas goodies, I stumbled across this really beautiful armchair I wanted you to see. It’s so colorful and fun to watch,... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Goods Were Stolen
Something’s fishy in the fashion world! Following the sad and mysterious disappearance of Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2012 collection (or at least parts of it), more... Read More

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Fashion Up Your Home With Jason Wu’s Home Collection For Brizo
I know what you must be thinking – hello Miss Wu pillows and various owl shaped maison objects! You may be surprised to find out... Read More

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Hermes For Your Table
This is one of those Inbox goodies – Hermes’s newsletter contained this overload of table gorgeousness – Hermes plates? Were you familiar with this fine... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Island Maison Singapore
Talking about Louis Vuitton earlier reminded me of this amazing aerial view of their amazing LV Island Maison Singapore. (yes, again, the repetitive use of... Read More

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Hermes Hearts And Crafts
With every new detail I discover, with every story I find out, I like Hermes even more. It’s like a journey through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate... Read More

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