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World’s Hottest Custom Baby Stroller The BatStroller!
What? This may just be my Super day! My Super Day after Hump Day! Don’t you have a Super day? The most awesome stroller crossed... Read More

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Hottest Watch Of 2013: Vianney Halter $200,000 Deep Space Tourbillon
Every now and then, I allow myself to freely contemplate and admire the fine mechanism and the artistic dimension of a timepiece. But almost each... Read More

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Behold The $10,200 Gold iPad!
I started the Apple talk the other day without being aware that I was going to find yet another reason to bring the iProducts into... Read More

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The Missing Nail: $12,000 For A Single Fake Nail Worn By Lady Gaga
Last I heard from Lady Gaga she was still recovering after her hip surgery and walked around in absurdly expensive, opulent chairs (try made of... Read More

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Drink Tea Like Gatsby With Tiffany $34,550 Silver Tea Set!
I’m really an avid tea drinker. I love to drink my tea hot, even during the summer season (weird? Could be, as I’m also enjoying... Read More

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J’Adore Dior Summer Mix Nail Polish!
You know me by now and you know my weaknesses. As such, I have to come clean about a new find in a long series... Read More

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Cute And Fashionable Summer Shoes: Valentino Polka Dots Espadrilles
How about these cute Valentino espadrilles? Part of the Pop-Pois collection, the beauties, available in six pretty summery colors are definitely not your ordinary espadrilles.... Read More

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Blake Lively’s Home Kitchen Style
Remember when we used to speculate about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively being together? Well, that was a loooooong time ago! We even had a... Read More

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