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Summer Desk
There are several reasons I’d name this my favorite desk ever (and also few major cons). Should I start with the obvious joy of having... Read More

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Fashion Is A Matter Of Taste. Photos By Fulvio Bonavia
Unarguably a great truth, fashion as A Matter of Taste has never looked so tasty and good before. It’s all in the textures, the shapes... Read More

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Jennifer Aniston’s Smart Water Ad
Madonna has had an entire album artwork around her workout routine, Gwyeth Paltrow an entire movie premiere wardrobe around her workout with Tracy Anderson. Now... Read More

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Ashely Olsen’s Furniture Collection, Soon?
Rumors swirl around the high fashion circles that Ashley Olsen is aiming for furniture next. (solely her name is circulated, not joined to her sister,... Read More

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Fast Stool Third Drawer Down Resin Burger Stool
It’s not your average style article, but then again, what is? Just look at this object and tell me what you think it is! I... Read More

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Beyonce’s House Of Dereon Bedding Collection
I was really getting used to seeing the bedding collections as something only supermodels could do. Now I have to rewrite that in my head... Read More

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Pamela Anderson’s Statue By Marc Quinn
We’ve seen Kate Moss, twice. He has even done Angelina Jolice. Michael Jackson. It’s now time to see Pamela Anderson. Twice also! Marc Quinn is... Read More

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Underwater Photography By Nadia Moro
Continuing my fascination with underwater photography, there’s a new Behind The Surface series by Italian photographer Nadia Moro. Mostly known for her work with Neo2,... Read More

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