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Megan Fox Is Giorgio Armani’s Code Woman

I missed Megan’s pouty, glam-like attitude at the Oscars this year. I wish she should’ve been there strutting her Armani dress for the entire world to see just how beautiful she is and inspiring more teens into tattooing their skin.

However, days away from the ceremony, Megan Fox blows my mind in a new ad campaign for Giorgio Armani Code Woman. Yes, underneath that wig lies Megan. And as we speak, somewhere atop the city, in a glass and iron villa, some beautiful, dark haired woman with bright red lips looks away in disappointment while a handsome young man, with no clothes whatsoever, stands tall before her. What gives, what gives? (via)

Megan Fox Emporio Armani Code ad

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The Beautiful Oscar Dresses: Armani, Elie Saab, Versace And More!

Though you know me well and I can’t help but put in a pinch of pepper with every Red Carpet event, last night’s 2010 Oscars Ceremony was pretty much flawless! The dresses were downright lovely and the Misses… well, let’s say they really deserved the gorgeousness of their frocks!

Talking about few of the most notable appearances of the night didn’t leave me without fuel to go on and mention the others. And not because I wouldn’t have graced them with an individual article, but because it’s about time we wrap up the fairytale-ish event that was the 82nd Academy Awards Ceremony! (the story continues with more images right after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

Amanda Seyfried Armani Prive dress 2010 Oscars

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Angelina Jolie For Armani Fragrance

It seems there’s more to just aesthetics when the celebs are now choosing their Red Carpet outfits! It’s a business opportunity!

Angelina Jolie had her Armani Red Carpet moments and what do you know? She was just announced the spokesface of Armani’s next fragrance! Expected to hit the market later this year, Armani’s new perfume will be represented by the world’s most celeb (according to Forbes). The high note of Armani’s perfume? Money, baby, money! (via)

Angelina Jolie Armani


Armani Privé And Roberto Cavalli Dresses For The Cannes 2009 Red Carpet

Last year I was completely in awe about Cate Blanchett’s dresses for the 61st edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Her Armani Privé dresses suited her wonderfully for the Cannes events.

For Cannes 2009, the 62nd edition of the Film Festival, Armani Privé dresses still go strong on the Red Carpet. For the opening of the prestigious Film Festival, the ladies of the jury worked their best Armani Privé looks for the Red Carpet. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Isabelle Hupert nude Armani Cannes 2009 opening

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Angelina Jolie In Armani Privé Dress At Baftas 2009

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt graced the Bafta Awards Ceremony even if they left empty handed.

The pouring rain didn’t stop the all-nominated couple so they walked around, hand in hand from one interviewer to another, answering (basically identical) questions and being charming. Angelina’s Armani Privé dress, however, seriously raised my eyebrows. (more images and a video after the jump!)

Angelina Jolie Armani Prive Baftas 09

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Armani Privé Spring 2009 Couture Paris Fashion Show

Haute Couture. There’s nothing like it. No Prêt-à-Porter fashion will ever match or top the real catwalk dream that is the Haute Fashion.

Armani Privé Spring 2009 Couture was composed of 61 models, mostly gray, beige and noir with few splashes of electric blue, yellow and red. The collection had a retro air with a sci-fi twist and a serious Asian flavor. (don’t miss the entire collection, right after the jump)

Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring 2009 collection black 4

Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring 2009 collection black 1

Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring 2009 collection black 2

Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring 2009 collection black 3

Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring 2009 collection black 5

Armani Prive Haute Couture Spring 2009 collection black 6

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Make Your Scent Last Longer With Armani Privé Scented Candles!

How far would you take your love for just one scent? Would you spray it around the room just to feel more comfortable? Would you take a shower or a bubble bath with products smelling just the same?

Because if you consider doing so, there’s an entire industry around a-one-smell-persona. From the time you get up in the morning (soap, shower creams et caetera) to those quiet nights (candle lights). Buying that special perfume, “the one” could boost your olfactory addiction to a 24/7 thing? If so, then here’s one of those day-to-night collections from Armani Privé. You can choose L’Eau de Parfum, the candle, the Deluxe Candle Holder and scented candles… (for the love of accuracy, one Armani Privé Deluxe Candle Holder costs about $95!). Is it worth it?

Armani Prive perfumes candles


Emmy Awards 2008 – Heidi Klum Wearing Armani Privé Dress

Ever since it was announced that Heidi Klum will wear Armani Privé for the 60th edition of the Emmy Awards, I kept thinking about what she will choose and how sculptural her silhouette will end up looking.

It turns out she chose a metallic Armani Privé, layered, one shouldered that wasn’t all well received by the critics. However, the dress was different from the usual Emmy Red Carpet frills and thrills and the layers looked very beautiful on Heidi’s statuesque self. I also have to say that her makeup was impressively natural for a Red Carpet event and the jewelry were limited to a massive butterfly pair of earrings and matching oval ring. What was your impression about Heidi’s metallic Armani Privé dress? (there’s also a picture of Heidi’s jewelry after the jump)

Emmy Awards 2008 Heidi Klum Armani Prive dress
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