Karl Lagerfeld In Saint Tropez. Jean Roch ft Snoop Dogg Music Video

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Remember when we asked ourselves what was wrong with Karl Lagerfeld for supporting and promoting Baptiste Giabiconi’s music (and consequent music videos)? I really thought (hoped is a more accurate description) that der Kaiser had more select tastes when it comes to music.

This barely launched video doesn’t help brushing Lagerfeld’s cult listening preferences. In fact, Jean Roch’s childish tune & video suggestively titles “Saint – Tropez” should have more negative impact on Chanel’s head designer’s reputation rather than highlighting his excellent taste. Actually, this song fits right into the Chanel Cruise 2013 picture – I still don’t know if I should laugh or cry!

How. Is. This. Even. Possible? If you think I’m overreacting, please hit the play button to listen and marvel yourself at Jean Roch Ft Snoop Dogg and Karl Lagerfeld Saint Tropez!

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