Leonardo Da Vinci Designed Handbags: La Pretiosa Di Leonardo By Gherardini

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As strange as the title may sound, this is certainly no joke whatsoever! Among the many fields in which history already documented he was brilliant and revolutionary, the great Leonardo Da Vinci also designed fashion items. Among them, a certain drawing of a handbag has been recomposed by specialists and named “La Pretiosa di Leonardo” (Leonardo’s Precious) by Gherardini.

It certainly isn’t your modern apparel, but being conceived by Leonardo Da Vinci makes it special enough to make any Birkin fade and lacking fashion personality in comparison. The real deal is even better than the drawing itself, Gherardini’s Pretiosa’s was just introduced to the world and you can admire it after the jump! I’m really curious about the price… Any ideas?

Leonardo Da Vinci drawing of a handbag

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