Contraband Soundtrack: J Roddy Walston And The Business Don’t Break The Needle

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Remember I told you we were to the movies a week ago? It was wonderful, especially since the movie we watched was great too! (we’re usually the hit – and – run movie goers: we don’t always get to pick the movie we go to because we’re rarely out on our own. So when we can elope the kids, en amoureux, we usually go see a movie. We pick the best in the currently running list and that’s the philosophy of it. In short.)

So we watched Contraband. It’s currently running, so you can catch it too if you want. And it’s really worth the trouble! Plus the amazing soundtrack, so it’s double the fun! J. Roddy Walston and The Business Don’t Break the Needle in a live session for your pleasure! Enjoy, and enjoy your fabulous weekend too!

Contraband first! You know me: I’m no spoiler, so if you made it this far, after the jump, you won’t read no spoil fun backstage movie facts from me! I will say this much, though: it’s a great movie! Action packed, suspense filled, great entertainment! Also, an American remake, people! How about that? 2012 barely wrapping its first month, we went to the movies just a couple of times and we can already count two Hollywood remakes among the movies we’ve seen!

So what’s behind Contraband? Reykjavik – Rotterdam (Iceland’s biggest budget movie up to date, also their official submission to 82nd edition of the Oscars, in 2010)! Wait, it gets better – Contraband is directed by Reykjavik – Rotterdam’s lead actor, Baltasar Kormakur! We haven’t seen the Iceland – made one (and I doubt we will after seeing the Hollywood remake) so if you did, please be so kind and share your feelings about the original?

Now about the Original soundtrack of the said remake? It’s really rock’n’roll! I loved it! Sadly, I couldn’t locate a video version for Boom Boom Boom Boom as interpreted by Big Head Todd & The Monsters (with a little help from the great John Lee Hooker – the closing title song – you can hear it here; my third favorite is Ryan Shaw’s Mama May I – listen to it here) so I included my second favorite song “Don’t Break the Needle” only in a live set. I love the gospel rock, all rough, all old school from J Roddy Walston and his Business! It makes me think there’s still hope for the unsettled spirits who love the good ol’ rock’n’roll! (there’s more about J Roddy Walston and The Business here and Contraband’s OST is available here)

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