Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Karen O Immigrant Song. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Opening Scene Song

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My daahlings! We’ve seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher’s version! Oh what an overhyped mess! That’s all I’ll say before the jump!

You know I openly declared I will be seeing the TwtDG remake. One of the reasons to do so was the movie’s soundtrack – signed and performed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. One song I was particularly in love with was The Immigrant Song as covered by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Karen O. (The song was originally performed by Led Zeppelin.) Important: if the video below becomes unavailable, it shouldn’t surprise you – it’s the actual opening scene of the actual movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (the US version, 2011). So do enjoy it while it lasts! (oh, and I almost forgot, caught in this Dragon mess: have a wonderful weekend! wink)

So we finally did it! Just the other night, we watched David Fincher’s much awaited remake of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. I knew almost nothing of it, refraining myself from reading any review, any specialty column talking about the US interpretation of Stieg Larsson’s first volume of the Millennium Trilogy. However, we did watched the original movie, with Noomi Rapace only days before. And, without being a (complete) spoiler, this is all I have to say about the remake: I want my 150 minutes back! Even as we speak, I’m still amazed at how the original scored only 7.7 while the US version was ranked as high as 8.2!

The best thing from the entire movie? The opening scene, with Trent Reznor’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song (which you can watch here). The worst part? The end – literally – the last few scenes were awfully conceived and left us with an awfully bitter taste. After watching both versions, I can safely declare that the only good thing that came out of watching David Fincher’s version is a vivid desire to read the books. I don’t know where the truth is anymore! I tend to believe that the Swedish version of the film is accurate and that it followed the written story. However, David Fincher twisted and turned so many ideas in the 2011 movie plot, I need to see for myself which is which.

Is thee anyone like us out there? Anyone who watched the two and cares to comment? Please do step forward and share your thoughts!


#1 Ellington on 01.06.12 at 8:30 pm

I like this cover of the Immigration song.
It is rather nifty! : )
Hearing it reminds me of my high school days. I went to a small private high school and one of my friends would sing this in the hallway when ever the bell rang for us to all change classes! : )
I have not seen the remake but I have seen the Swedish films, all three and I enjoyed them. When I do go see the remake Kpriss I will tell you what I think and how I think that the two Ms. Salanders compare. ; )

#2 Lee on 01.07.12 at 1:57 am

Whilst I appreciate your take on the matter regarding Fincher’s version, I have to say I completely disagree. Firstly, both the Swedish and English films are adaptations, not versions, which means they need to be seen as separate entities, just as the book is a separate entity in it’s own right. As Stieg Larsson is clearly not the film maker, it is left up to the interpretation and vision of the film maker – in this case, Fincher. I found the movie to be thrilling and very close to the book, and whilst I thought the Swedish film adaptation to also be excellent, Rooney Mara’s performance of Lisbeth Salander was far closer to the character presented in the book, whilst providing a more human and relatable portrait of an amazing character. Very impacting stuff and not at all over hyped!

#3 kpriss on 01.07.12 at 5:27 am

It’s a great cover, I’m glad you appreciate it, Ellington! More so since it brings back (good) memories! :)

Lee, thank you for speaking up about your feelings! The truth is I’m blindsided here by the movie adaptations and not really in the know since I didn’t read the books. I will, though! David Fincher’s adaptation, as you so witty put it, is hardly empowering Lisbeth whilst the Swedish film (of which I very much appreciated the filming and the smooth integration of very violent scenes into the narrative) portrayed a very credible bunch of characters.

If I was to choose between Mikael Blomkvist, the Swedish and Mikael Blomkvist, the British, I’d definitely go for the first. Maybe because I’m used to seeing Daniel Craig in other types of roles is part of why I don’t give him credibility as a journalist… I can’t really tell until I’ve read the book description and made my own opinion of what Stieg Larsson crayoned in Mikael Blomkvist. Or Lisbeth Salander. (I do refrain myself from discussing everything I’d want to – I would definitely be a spoiler and I don’t want to influence people who are not yet familiarized with the movies)

#4 kpriss on 01.07.12 at 6:10 am

The makers of the title sequence (the one in the video below) explained it all here. It’s a very interesting article, if you care for a decryption of the opening scene which evolves rather fast under our eyes.

#5 Riana on 01.07.12 at 8:08 am

Ellington; I think you should read the books too to join the discussion who is the ‘real’ Lisbeth and who is not. To be really honest? I don’t care that much…. I already had a different view on Lisbeth in the book than in the Swedish adaption(s) but that didn’t matter to me. I loved the films and Noomi’s interpretation. Reading a book is such a different experience one can use their own imagination or [worse] use their personal experience. Think things over, re-read certain pieces and such.
I have started to re-read the first book yesterday. Because I have read the book(s) not earlier than in 2008 when I was really ill and it grabbed me by the throat…That was also the year it was published in the Dutch translation. And the film was out not that far later as were the series broadcast on tv.

Anyway, I have read a lot of discussions on the internet yet what’s the better adaption or who’s the ‘real’ Lisbeth. The ‘real’ Lisbeth is Stieg Larsson’s and the interpretation of the reader. I think….
The film will be released here in the Netherlands next week. I think I am going to wait a while before I will see this remake.

Although Daniel Craig is a talented actor I don’t like the man. He annoys me. Only once, the very first time I saw him in John Maybury’s Love is the Devil I was deeply moved by his part as Francis Bacon’s lover. He really did impress me there or the film did? And I am a huge fan of Michael Nyqvist. I have not an opinion on Rooney Mara other than her fashion shoots and the trailer(s) of this film. Perhaps she surprise me.

As for Immigrant Song; what’s the matter with a huge talent like Trent Reznor whom I highly respect? Couldn’t he come up with a composition himself? Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song is sacred to me since I am a Led Zeppelin fan as long as I can remember. Even Robert Plant did move on and chose a new path with fresh ideas. Couldn’t Trent do that? It’s not a bad cover at all; I kinda like it but still Trent Reznor did disappoint me he didn’t compose something new for the film. And so does David Fincher of course.

#6 Lee on 01.07.12 at 9:39 am

Kpriss: I actually think Lisbeth Salander as portrayed by Rooney Mara was a far more empowered and credible portrayal than Noomi’s. Mara’s portrayal allowed Lisbeth’s fragility to come through which is very much present in the book, while Noomi’s was portrayal kept Lisbeth inhuman – not something Larsson hints at.

Riana: Reznor did a cover, or rather, re-imagining of Immigrant Song because Fincher asked him to. Reznor didn’t actually know what the purpose of the tune would be until he saw the trailer. He says this in a few interviews on the subject. As far as Fincher’s choice to use that tune goes, in my opinion, what’s the difference between Fincher using someone’s song for his movie and every other director using someone’s song for their movie?

#7 Ellington on 01.07.12 at 9:46 am

To be honest Riana, I would never have thought to read the novels as the subject matter is not my favourite genre. For example I may watch a mystery film but I will never read a mystery novel, not my cup of tea for my reading pleasure. ; )
I am sure that the different Lisbeths in each of the presentations gives the reader/viewer something different to see. But I really did like Noomi’s as she made Lisbeth an intriguing character.
As for Mara’s Lisbeth I may just wait for the dvd. : )

#8 Riana on 01.07.12 at 10:56 am

Lee, yes I know David Fincher asked Trent Reznor to do the song. And Led Zeppelin had none problems with it either. It’s “a fan thing” I guess ;)

I also understand what you say about Noomi’s portrayal, or rather said the director’s vision on Lisbeth. Still I could see the humanity and her fragility in a subtle way in that interpretation. Twice. I re-watched the series last week and still loved it.
We’ll see what I feel after watching the remake.

Ellington; it’s a pity since the books are so well written. I can not tell you differences since it could be spoilers. I hate that.

No reading here tonight, I never thougt I would say that: I am tired of Lisbeth, well not really of course…..:)

#9 Lee on 01.07.12 at 11:56 am

Riana: I’ve been a LZ fan my whole life – Jimmy Page is the reason I am a full-time guitarist, so I guess it’s just more subjective than just a ‘fan thing’, as I’m also a fan, and I think it’s a killer rendition of Immigrant Song.

The same goes with this entire discussion – there is no true portrayal or adaptation, there is only that which resonates the most with you. I actually enjoyed Fincher’s film more than I did the book, as odd as that is – the book is a great story with unique and interesting characters, but it’s not written excellently by any means and I personally thought Fincher, Craig and Mara brought much more out of it.

#10 Riana on 01.07.12 at 12:39 pm

So here we go then; everything is subjective in the end. Right? I said I liked the Zeppelin cover but to me it’s not a killer cover but it’s good in my not humble opinion. One thing though in fact now you say there’s no need at all to read the books because they’re not that well written besides the unique and interesting characters and David Fincher and his actors even made them better? Sighs….I have not seen the remake yet and am already tired of the discussions……Discussions about things like this are often just conversations where someone want to prove she/he has the right insight isn’t it? And that insight is also subjective ;) :)

#11 Lee on 01.07.12 at 12:55 pm

The point of this discussion is to share what we think – we’ve been doing that, so no need to imply that you’re frustrated – its just a sharing of opinions and takes on the matter. I didn’t imply that the books aren’t worthwhile, they are good books, but the fact is, a lot like The Da Vinci Code, they aren’t well-written books, which means they often make better movies in comparison, than movies made from literary classics. All lighthearted conversation here, Riana – I assure you – my comment about subjectivity was a reminder that we’re here to trade opinions :-)

#12 Lee on 01.07.12 at 12:57 pm

I don’t remember saying people shouldn’t read the books btw – just saying I enjoyed Fincher’s movie more than I enjoyed the book. Which is saying something, because the book is an enjoyable read when all is said and done.

#13 Riana on 01.07.12 at 1:33 pm

Oh, now you accusing me of being frustrated? And the books are getting less worthwhile by every comment you write. That’s funny!

Let’s go back to an earlier conclusion of yours; all is subjective. Also your opinion(s) Lee.

#14 kpriss on 01.08.12 at 2:50 am

We watched the third movie of the Swedish adaptation last night. And I still think that Noomi Rapace was way more suitable for the part than Rooney Mara (I wonder if this was pure accident or Fincher really wanted people to mix ROOney’s name with NOOmi’s… Oh well).

I will read the books though – I’m determined to find the light in all this adaptation fog!

Lee – there’s a difference between being human and being constantly belittled by men. Although, to my understanding, Fincher’s adaptation was more faithful to the original book’s story, I felt that there was a real connection between Lisbeth and Mikael in the Swedish adaptation rather than Craig manifesting typical macho reactions and Rooney looking way more insecure and lacking consistency as a character (she’s way more sociable than an asocial person should actually be).

As for Immigrant Song – it’s a very powerful interpretation in Trent Reznor’s vision. It is, however, Reznor’s particularity, to empower all kinds of music. (at least that’s my perception of his music). The video sequence, however, is so intricate and overfilled with details from the books that it needs to be treated separately from the actual movie.

#15 patricia hassey on 01.08.12 at 6:06 am

The newest version…(aka usa)…far exceeded my expectations..for the better.
Having read the books..the swedish version movie..i was pleasantly suprised at the visual’s., the amazing performace of Rooney…I was not dismissed at her non this version to the book, its what i the character..the element of suprise..which she pulled off with utmost exception .
Daniel Craig, did well, but i would have prefered a man a bit taller than any of the women character’ say the least..his character to book was very very well adapted..for usa audenciences..
I don’t know why the “hub bub” about the song..?..seems a bit to over examined.
It’s ’tis a remake..very very good remake..but it’s a song with visuals..nothing really too overwhelming, nor underwhelming..”a song”.
This movie is more way’s than with the the visuals..the characters..i have been pleasantly satisfied with all.
Exceptional alway performance from Mr.Plummer,Skargaard,(although seeing him i knew infacto “bad guy”…he’s getting that bit of “tag”)..cold, icy,rough,non sentimental..just as the book.

#16 Lee on 01.08.12 at 8:21 am

Riana: I think you’ve completely misinterpreted my comments and tone. I had tried to clarify, but you’ve interpreted my comments in the opposite manner. That’s okay, we’re all fans of the series it seems, or in the least intrigued by the series (otherwise we wouldnt be here commenting) and so should remember we’re supposed to be in good company.

Kpriss: my comment about Salander being more human in Fincher’s movie does not cancel out her circumstances with belittling men – it merely augments the characters underlying fragility that is hidden. She is both fragile and terrifyingly strong. Just trying to clarify that I think Fincher’s movie made that more clear, which brings depth to the character when considering her position as a woman who is deeply abused by men.

#17 Riana on 01.08.12 at 8:58 am

Last night I read the Dutch website for film reviews by film lovers out of curiosity after the conversation here. Especially since the series has been broadcast again two weeks ago. (As a ‘filler’ during the holidays.) Hefty discussions there lol!! This time if the book(s) were better than the [Swedish] film or the extended series. I learnt that the extended series have only been released (with subtitles) in The Netherlands. The score was 3.84 out of 5 stars. That’s high for the Dutch. :)

Alas we have to wait until January 19 for the first reviews after the film is released here. I can not wait any longer!!! Almost two weeks….grrrrr….Some David Fincher fans, among them myself, are a bit disappointed he chose to do a remake. Especially this one. I do not like what I saw of the trailers as did many others. It’s weird to hear the language in the first place since I love the original language. But we’ll see; I have to see it now.

Kpriss, hahahah, that’s funny I thought I was a tad silly to think about these “OO’s” in the names of the actresses! But it’s you as well lol! I feel much better now. At first it did confuse me a lot. I think though it’s a coincidence :)

I did quit to re-read the books since I have a seriously OD at the moment. It’s back on the shelf. Finished. At least of quite some time.

#18 Riana on 01.08.12 at 9:13 am

Lee, hello there. Your comment wasn’t there when I wrote my piece. English is obviously not my first language and I haven’t followed any class. Why it should be a piece of cake for me since I learnt so much myself.
Well, I felt belittled by you and I was really angry last night hahahah…..usually I am not that polite as replied here..oops….Anyway, the discussion IS very interesting of course and frustrating since I have to wait…..:)

Ellington, I don’t like mystery books either. I hardly read them. Couldn’t get through The Da Vinci Code while everyone was reading it. I fell asleep. Didn’t watch the film either; tried it on tv but did turn it off.
I read this MillenniumTrilogy because someone who knows me so well just knew I should love and understand Lisbeth. :)

#19 Dollybird on 01.09.12 at 3:16 pm

Riana re-watched the series(!?) & re-read the books…
Kpriss watched the third(?!) movie of the Swedish adaptation…
David Fincher has an adaptation of it…
A trilogy…
Its quite confusing to me. I haven’t read the book & saw Millenium tonight on TV for the first time forcing myself away from the computor, cup of hot cocoa in hand, to see what all the fuss was about. Well it was quite interesting though I dozed off at a certain moment. Love Rooney Rapace who reminds me of singer Charlene Spitieri from the group Texas.
Oh well just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

#20 Riana on 01.09.12 at 5:30 pm

To Dollybird or DollyBird ;) :D

First there was the Millennium Trilogy. Three novels. The first was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Then two other novels followed (don’t know what the titles are in French?). In fact the title is Men Who Hate Women. In Swede it’s Män som hatar kvinnor. (I love that language.)
Stieg Larsson, the writer passed away before he could enjoy the huge success of his Trilogy. Which have been sold -the books- like 30 million copies world wide. So that’s huge right? Google it! Although I happily love to explain it as best as I can.

The Swedish adapted the first novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for the film. The two other followed suit. Then the three films were made into extended versions as series. I loved them all.The first film was a huge success especially in Europe. The follow-ups I have never seen. They haven’t been released here because of the extended versions for the series.

Then David Fincher decided (in 2010 I believe) to do a remake of the Swedish film. That’s the one Kpriss’ review above is about.
So I re-watched the series 6-parts in one week on tv for the second time (yes, I said already re-watched). Coincidentally Kpriss and Adored Husband did also watched the Millennium series. But before they watched the last two parts of the series they decided to see the American remake.

Are you still there and got it? Yes? Okay. I go on then.

Did you watch it with subtitles or in French? I don’t understand the overdub. It’s horrible!! So I bet you saw the Swedish with Noomi Rapace since the film was on tv.

The David Fincher remake (sticks tongue to out to “adaption”) is the one that caused this stir: what’s the best. Kpriss has been to film as she described here before they watched the last two parts of the Millennium series.

All over the internet are discussions what’s the best adaption of the book or who is the best Lisbeth Salander. In the remake (:P) Lisbeth Salander is played by Rooney Mara whom already -what’s new- has been on the cover of Vogue.

Now if you dozed off at a certain moment I can not recommend you to see the wonderful extended Swedish series. Maybe you like David Fincher’s remake better? Grrr….on beforehand….;)

On top of it all Trent Reznor did a remake of Led Zeppelin’s great The Immigrant Song. Anyway that made Jimmy Page and Robert Plant laugh all the way the bank. I have to say I get used to this cover…that’s me….I hope you get it since I doze off now too….zzzzzz….

#21 Riana on 01.09.12 at 5:44 pm

To Kpriss,

I saw a 8 minutes trailer of the remake (:D) to they speak with an accent? Or is it me?
I still don’t like what I see…don’t care if it closer to the book. When I saw Noomi for the first time it’s wasn’t Lisbeth either. I had my own image of her. But I love her now. And still can’t see why it was necessary to do a remake.
And further, people always make noise about adaptions of novels. Even if there’s isn’t a remake.

And until my surprise I noticed a very familiar face in Fincher’s film: Dutch actor Yorick van Wageningen plays Bjurnholm!!

Can not wait for the release here….I’ll let you know :)

#22 Dollybird on 01.09.12 at 6:34 pm

Thanks Riana & no I didn’t doze off reading your explaination. It was interesting. Yes I am aware Stieg Larsson died before the film was made. I do recall his companion had legal battles with Larsson’s brother & father over inheritance issues as I think she wasn’t legally his wife & Stieg left no Will. Big bucks or kroners were involved. It was all over the news at the time.
I saw the Swedish version on TV tonight as we have the option of seeing a film in its original language. And yes it was also called Män som hatar kvinnor/The Man Who Hated Women.
Actually I prefered to see the film in Swedish(with subtitles) as I dated a Swedish musician for awhile & something sentimental came over me.
I thought it would bore me but it didn’t & I amazed myself by understanding what was going on despite the dozing off & I even cried a little when Harriet(or was it Anita) reconciled & embraced Henrik towards the end. Love Noomi Rapace & her character Lispeth btw.
There’s also a series??? Oh dear that’s too much for me. Downton Abby is all I can handle at the mo.
Hmmm reworking a Led Zeplin song can be sacreligious to many but Trent Razor did an okay job methinks.
Well I think I’ve got the gist of it all now albeit 2 years late. Looking forward to the Fincher version.

#23 kpriss on 01.10.12 at 6:30 am

Riana :*

And yes! They do speak with a mild Swedish accent! It’s adorable! Especially when Robin Wright does it ;) (oh.. maybe you didn’t know – I didn’t either, until we saw the movie! Robin Wright is Mikael’s associate at Millenium – ;) ) When the TVs are on and news are being broadcast, everyone speaks with a heavy Swedish accent! Even Rooney.

So we’re going to make a club, girls? Frizz-ers who love the Swedish language? It’s impressive! A lovely melange of English, German (and more, I’m certain, I just don’t have that much knowledge! I wish I did, though!) almost sung, not spoken! Lovely!

#24 Riana on 01.10.12 at 8:55 am

Dollybird: Stieg Larsson died before his books became such a big hit. Yes, I know all about that sick family. I also follow the news ;)
His longtime partner should write a book about Larsson’s very greedy family. Ugh…..they even made a deal with H&M for a line based on the remake. More money to cash in for that family! Ha, it even could be possible Stieg was inspired by his own sick family looking at their behaviour towards his long term partner? Anyone ever thought of that? I did.
About that clothes line; nothing new there of course. The people up in the North are still far more into goth and hard/metal rock as the rest of Europa. As you might know I assume?
Kpriss wrote a piece about the line. Missed it?

Of course Trent did a great job. He’s fantastic. I loved NIN!!! But why has so many stuff need to be redone in the US?Also their own work? Sighs..anyway, someone told me I’m going to love the filmscore.
And the series are even better girl.

I skipped Downtown Abbey since I forgot to the watch the two first episodes. It’s here also broadcast at the moment. I regret it deeply but it’s too far to step in now….:((

#25 Riana on 01.10.12 at 8:55 am

Oh dear…….what must people think? Oops……

#26 Riana on 01.10.12 at 9:24 am

Hej Kpriss :D

I have read the cast list at last since I found out about Yorick who has a natural accent of course lol! While Dutch is a such a language as Swedish.

You must be kidding me? Lot of Americans do speak now with a sort of Swedish accent I guess? Oh well, it must be great for the Swedish economy too Americans are probably going on holidays in Sweden too hahahah….

I am so very sorry to disappoint you girl…..I hate it to disappoint you but I’m a bad liar…why was the Swedish accent necessary? I find that silly! It’s English spoken! So stick to that. And is it really a Swedish accent? It’s not an easy language. I do understand some words. Norwegian is easier for me. Finn is difficult. No idea! And better don’t say it sound like Russian hahah….

Dutch is harsh…not nice at all. I am from the South of my country original and I have lost my accent :(( The Flemish have a great accent and use a nicer grammar than us. They also sing a bit as the Swedish…I can imitate both very well so I join the club. :)

Adjö :*

#27 Riana on 01.10.12 at 9:32 am

Sorry! I noticed Rooney Mara is nominated for a Golden Globe. Interesting nominations. Ryan Gosling twice!! Of course The Royal Couple. But also my fave actors from Breaking Bad and Homeland. Such fantastic series; great acting. Damian Lewis is such a sexy redhead. If he wins I demand a photo of him Kpriss! Ryan too! Not only ladies in dresses for a change? All we see here is Brad Pitt who probably is going to win..but if he does not…Ryan? Damian? Yes? Pleazzzzzzzzzzz…..types with a Swedish accent…..;)

Adjö :D

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