Gaga By Gaultier

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How can that be? While I’ve been under the radar, hiding with a cold, this is what happened to the world! Lady Gaga has been interviewed by Jean Paul Gaultier!

It’s a way of putting it since the documentary has been in works for awhile now and it will premiere (from what I understood) June 9th, on the French channel TF6. I wish I could watch it? This Gaga girl really takes herself so seriously, I’d better start doing the same, or I’ll fall behind… fashion. Right? (and they say that fashion people don’t take celebrity seriously? and the Red Carpet is the doom of Fashion? cooome oooon!)


#1 ajginger on 06.07.11 at 6:49 am

I would love to watch that interwiew too! JPG? Still BFF friends with Madonna? ;)
How many wigs does she own? What would she look for real? I saw a video of hers from the Morning Show??? At least she mentioned Cher. :) ;

#2 ajginger on 06.07.11 at 6:57 am

Oh, even JPG’s signature shirt/sweater has a sort of new Gaga look!! Or did he showed this off earlier?

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