Uma Thurman’s Confusing Style

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Talking about badvertising, I couldn’t help but notice Uma Thurman’s latest foray into the ad land. It’s pretty confusing, but I’m guessing it falls right in the line with the new French advertising.

Which line, you might ask? Well, the one that’s pushing intimacy right in the spotlight. The Ad light. I remember not long ago the interwebs were buzzing about the latest McDonalds ad in France (you can watch it here). Then about the latest Orangina ad in France (which you can also watch here). Now Uma? Uma loves Schweppes and wants to have it anywhere, anytime, at all times, with anyone and everyone. If she continues, they might have to make a Kill Bill remake where Uma would chase all those who refused to have a Schweppes with her. Hell ensues (are we even sure this isn’t one of Lagerfeld’s ads too? It’s just as “good”)!

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