Chanel Iman And The Power Of Positive Thinking

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We usually know a model’s body better than we know how her voice sounds like or what she thinks of. Because it’s their job to walk and look pretty. But what if, inside a model’s mind there’s much more than fashion?

What if a pretty face also comes with a pretty mind? A beautiful soul and a beautiful mind inside a beautiful body? Chanel Iman may just be here to infirm the usual myth that mind and beauty don’t co-exist in the same body. Promoting the self-esteem and anti-bullying initiatives, Chanel speaks about judging others and positive attitude:

Embrace in life those things that offer us the freedom to be ourselves and not be led by the judgment of others. Our inner beauty is often missed or put to the side because of what we see as superficial beauty. Appreciate the depth of others. Appreciate life! Be free! Be confident!

Judging by physical appearance is a sign of weakness, self-doubt and an inability to show love. Learn to control that. We should love one another with the same passion in which we love ourselves. This is how we grow. Be grateful and appreciate what’s yours! It can be gone in a second.

Surround yourself with positive, encouraging influences that create a healthy environment. Dig deep inside and find that passion that has no fear in expressing love for yourself and others. That is what’s going to make you win and make people love you back.

I’ve always been judged and bullied for being tall and skinny my whole life. Early on I listened to others and failed to appreciate what God gave me until I at last excepted what an amazing blessing it was to love me for me.
Beauty really is deep, so go deep and recognize what’s real! Now, I’m not saying stop doing what makes you feel fly, confident or good about yourself. I’m saying don’t over focus on just looks. Try capturing the essence of the inner beauty that makes us who we are.

In this un-perfect world don’t allow anyone to disrupt your way because of their small opinions. Don’t be a victim of what others negatively say about you. They have no bearing factor in your future. Let your best shine through, your inner beauty, and lead you to success!

Chanel Iman mindful beauty

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#1 Ellington on 03.28.11 at 7:54 am

That was really great to read!
Way to go Chanel!
She is a model and a role model! : )

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