Sofia Vergara’s Diet Pepsi Skinny Can Ad Campaign

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What? No, it’s not a joke! Of course it is Sofia Vergara! I mean look at her! She’s so beautiful and curvy! What? Where are the curves? Noooo, the hat is not curvier than she is, don’t be mean!

So what if the Photoshop guys took it a little too far in trying to make Sofia Vergara as skinny as the new Diet Pepsi Skinny Can? So what if she doesn’t look anything remotely similar to the real Sofia Vergara? We still love her and we’ll watch Modern Family no matter what! And since you’re asking – there’s a very small chance I’d be getting this Diet Pepsi Skinny Can! My family loves me just the way I am, you see… (via)

Sofia Vergara Diet Pepsi Skinny can ad campaign

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