Kohl’s Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Collections

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Whenever I finally think I got how the marketing and the economy work together, something new comes along, something that turns my newly found confidence upside down.

Today’s upside down episode is brought to me by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. And not because they’re looking lovely and incredibly charismatic together! No! It’s because they have a lucrative deal with Kohl’s for two, simultaneously conducted, fashion lines! Now correct me if I’m wrong: Jennifer Lopez used to have this fashion label of hers, right? Called Sweetface, JLo? Or something street-sugary similar? And her line was dissolved due to low public appreciation (that’s the diplomatic for “nobody was buying her products”). How come Kohl’s is willing to take such marketing (polite for financial) risks as to sell not one but two complete fashion lines by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony? (via; photo via)

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