Christy Turlington’s No Woman, No Cry

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Chirsty Turlington is worldwide famous for her supermodel days. Now she’s trying to get trough as a filmmaker. No Woman, No Cry is a very special documentary following the issues related to childbirth (the social/financial issues) around the world.

How she came to this subject? By becoming a mother herself and facing childbirth complications though she didn’t expect any. So from there on, with time and resources, Christy Turlington Burns has put together this documentary, treating the pre/post natal care system from the United States to Guatemala, Bangladesh and Tanzania. There’s so much to be done in maternal health, it’s hard to believe Christy’s film (distributed only in film festival circuits) will actually change something.

It’s great she’s bringing this to light, it’s not an easily accessible topic, especially in countries like Guatemala and Bangladesh (or Tanzania). Hopefully her dedication and her being oh-so-famous will help women receive better assistance when they really need it. It’s our future, don’t you want to do something for the children of tomorrow? (if you’re looking for more information about Christy’s No Woman, No Cry movie, please visit the website, via)

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#1 Adriana on 06.11.10 at 6:09 am

Good for her. It’s a great initiative but I’m afraid it’s too elitist. Alas.
Sorry people, I’m in a somber mood due to results of the Dutch elections……one of the results attach causes like this so to speak and worse….:((

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