Tom Ford Does Private Blend Lip Color Lipstick

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I sometimes think Tom Ford is playing with us just for his private fun. Everyone and their respective dogs is waiting for his fashion collection for women. Instead of making clothes for ladies, he’ll be making cosmetics! His upcoming breach in the women cosmetics world, through a new lipstick is set for June 1.

The Private Blend Lip Color collection is comprised of 12 colors reinterpreted by Ford and set for $45 each. It’s not much, it’s not for nothing either. It’s only clear as water, as time goes by, that Mr. Ford is not looking to cheapen his brand / products. On the contrary, he’s targeting the elites. Would you ever buy a $50 lipstick? Have you already? Why? (via)

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Lipstick ad

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Lipstick


#1 Adriana on 04.21.10 at 8:13 am

I believe I’ve bought once an expensive Chanel lipstick? Plus I find most cosmetics overpriced.

I loved “A Single Man” by the way. The set decoration and the actors looked like a magazine shoot. That didn’t bother me because the story was very moving and the acting great.

#2 Ellington on 04.21.10 at 3:14 pm

I have to admit that I do buy Chanel lipstick, they feel nice on my lips and I love their colours, but I have never paid that much as Tom is asking for.
Yes he is “toying” with us ladies I think as we all wait with bated breath for him to make something for us, and he is LOVING it! :)
So for now we have to be content with the perfume he made with Erykah Badu as his spokes model and his lipstick.
But to paraphrase the late Malcolm McLaren in his version of Madame Butterfly: “I will wait for you with unshakeable faith…”
Yes Tom I mean your designs for women. ;)

Oh Kpriss someday do you think that you could do a homage to that Malcolm McLaren song? My high school teacher use to play it for us as he was a fan of his. And I thought it a rather beautiful mix of opera and dance music.
: )

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