Miranda Kerr’s Heavenly Bloom By Victoria’s Secret

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Being one of Victoria’s Secret angels has its funny sides too. Par exemple, lovely Miranda Kerr was chosen to be the face for Heavenly Bloom, the new fragrance by Victoria’s Secret.

Life meet movie, meet ad campaign: Miranda Kerr is officially Orlando Bloom’s fiancée. So dating Orlando must be Heavenly Bloom. But only if you’re Miranda Kerr! (don’t miss the rest right after the jump! Be sure to check out all the pictures from the gallery)

Victoria s Secret Heavenly Bloom Miranda Kerr

Dream Angels Heavenly Bloom is mainly floral, with fruit accents: yellow freesia, magnolia, mandarin, melon, pear, jasmine, apple flower, apricot, blonde woods, musk. If you look closer in the pictures, you’ll see Miranda wearing the Dream Angels Heavenly Bloom Solid Fragrance Ring. Not a new concept, somewhat familiar looks (remember Marc Jacobs Daisy?), the flowerish ring waves off the dark days and brings the sunny spring days, flowers on your fingertips.

Miranda Kerr Heavenly Bloom perfume 1

Miranda Kerr Heavenly Bloom perfume 2

Miranda Kerr Heavenly Bloom perfume 3

Miranda Kerr Heavenly Bloom perfume 4


#1 Adriana on 03.16.09 at 7:07 am

I do remember Marc Jacobs too well!!! Never again!! I used some in my perfumery in the afternoon. Hmm, that was really nice, I felt cheerful….but later on that night I didn’t smell the scent anymore I did taste it! And wouldn’t go away, oh no. I had dinner, brushed my teeth, ate ice-cream: and still I tasted Daisy! I had a lot off fun with someone about this. She knew this LOL! Thus it is not me….
So they can keep that Heavenly Bloom……..
And that bottle and the ring looks a bit cheapo to me.

Is it me or have the Victoria Secret Angels once been more spectactular? It’s not particulary this girl but I’ve this thought in general lately. I don’t even like our own Doutzen Kroes as an Angel…..they look so “girl-next-door-ish……????

#2 Ellington on 03.16.09 at 4:41 pm

I think that I’ll take a pass on this perfume.
And yes Adriana I think that you are correct about the past VS Angels. They were memorable compared to the latest group.

#3 talan on 03.23.09 at 6:09 am

I think that Miranda is selling her relationship with Bloom in very cheap way. It is not funny neither classy . And both of them said that they want to keep their relationship low profile and private. We can see how they are doing it.

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