Designer Extraordinaire, Erin Wasson

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I really hoped and secretly (but stubbornly) prayed for Erin Wasson to step out of the design spotlight! Sadly, my flu reduced my voice to a mere whisper so it wasn’t heard!

Erin Wasson is stuck on designing, keen on fashion by her own hand! Let me delight you with a piece of her perfectly cognitive, flawlessly reflected and thoroughly analyzed, theatrical, third-person narrative, f* enlightening speech (right after the picture):

Erin Wasson white T Shirt

“And I was like, f* Erin, you gotta figure out how to turn this into something else.[…] hanging out in Venice Beach and I was just like, ‘F* dude, I need to live here.’ And that’s when the light came on.[…] I’m not your cheesy girl that’s going to dress up in a hokey outfit and say all the sound bites that you want me to say. […] I’m a total odd bird. I collect prison art and paper mache masks. I keep a journal and rip pages out of books. I think that when you open your mind, you realize there’s art everywhere, there’s art all around us. That’s what keeps the wheels in motion. To create is my ultimate goal. So why would I ever sell out?”

Oh, Erin, you’re such a pretty head with your mouth closed! Leave those heavy thoughts for someone else, keep on living with the waves!(tdb via nymag, photo via, photochop courtesy StyleFrizz )

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#1 Ellington on 03.12.09 at 8:51 pm

Ah… what sequacious poetry. ; )

Oh and as a non-sequitur thank-you Kpriss for bringing the fish back! : )

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