Would You Wear A Little Bird Pouch?

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I’m always looking for ways to improve certain aspects of my life. Going out and carrying few personal belongings with me would be one. Why? Because I can’t dance properly if I carry a purse in the same time and I still have to have some papers and the phone with me, just in case! (and no, stuffing my husband’s pockets isn’t a great idea!)

So here’s a funny way to carry a little something with you and make it look fresh and funny: the little bird pouch! Not to mention it’s made from re-purposed Wren fabrics, leftovers from the Wren bags, to minimize the waste. You can slip the bird’s tail on your wrist and keep everything that fits into 5.5” x 3.5”. Love it! I imagine it makes a great purse for a little girl too! It’s so colorful and cheerful, wouldn’t you say?

Bird Pouch

Little Bird Pouch Collage Little Bird Pouch Tail What You can fit into the Little Bird Pouch

UPDATE: I was recently contacted by Wendren Milford, the owner of Wren Design who was enthusiastic about this article regarding the Bird Pouch. She also asked me to update the news about the adorable Little Bird Pouch pointing towards the shop where you can buy your own.
(via source via designspotter)


#1 Ellington on 09.07.08 at 4:01 pm

I love it! Its cute, stylish, quirky and of use! I would love one!

#2 Ceci~~~ on 09.07.08 at 10:59 pm

It’s so cute, and useful at the same time~~

#3 Sal on 09.08.08 at 1:47 pm

Simply adorable.

#4 Angel on 09.09.08 at 7:42 am

wow! very nice ) i would like to try

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