$1,63 Million Ginza Tanaka Diamond Studded Platinum Handbag

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And here I was thinking about a $20,000 car, a only logical update when dealing with a big family and no more free car seat (other than the two front seats) and people make handbags worth a million and a half!

Insanity! A teeny tiny bag designed by Ginza Tanaka and made with 2,182 diamonds (total of 208 carats). Not to mention it looks ugly (if I wouldn’t know better, I’d say it’s a toy bag for little girls to play), what’s the use for this kind of bag? It has the shortest life possible for a respectful socialite – one evening only and then you’re forced to toss it away! Imagine the shame of being caught wearing the same bag!

Ginza Tanaka Diamond Studded Platinum Handbag
(via purseblog)

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