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Suri Cruise Still Wears High Heels Sandals
October 26, Boston… 50 degrees Fahrenheit. (That’s 10 degrees Celsius). Suri Cruise wearing golden high heels sandals, summery sleeveless red dress, no tights, no long... Read More

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Suri Cruise Wearing High Heels Shoes. Wait, What?
Pediatrics and celebrity don’t work well together! Here’s the walking pink proof: Suri Cruise, little Suri Cruise was photographed wearing high heels sandals! I know... Read More

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Katie Holmes With Long Hair, Suri Cruise With Pants
Katie Holmes has long hair! Wait, what? We’ve all seen her a less than a week ago sporting a bob (a long bob, I agree,... Read More

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Boyfriend Jeans Match Chanel Shades At Playground With Suri
You know that BF Jeans we talked about early on? Well it seems Katie (and her new shortcut) is keen on fueling second pregnancy rumors... Read More

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Here’s Katie’s New Hairdo!
It was just days ago that I looked at Katie Holmes Boyfriend Jeans, everything was normal and now this? I don’t know what she’s thinking... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez Twins First Paycheck – $6 Million!
Flash news: Talking about J.Lo’s pregnancy is like talking about the worst kept secret lately. Everyone knew, everyone saw it, still no one talked about... Read More

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To Heavy Bangs or Not to Cruise!
Even if we live a revolutionary era, even if we still fight against sex discrimination and all, we do fancy a fairytale marriage. We do... Read More

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