To Heavy Bangs or Not to Cruise!

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Even if we live a revolutionary era, even if we still fight against sex discrimination and all, we do fancy a fairytale marriage. We do dream (from time to time, I agree!) about that beautiful white dress, that all emotional prince charming, that stunning bouquet et caetera, et caetera! And we bet Katie did too!!! Just look at her pretty face when she was all out of Scientology! You could smell her trusty, innocent air!

Katie Holmes Hair Before Katie Holmes Hair After

And then what she believed to be her prince charming came along… Lots and lots of hopes became reality for Katie! (you do remember all that fuss about TomKat, don’t you?).They even have a little babygirl named Suri.

Katie Holmes Hair Now

Now here’s our dilemma: you’re a beautiful, young princess, in love with her prince charming, living at that wonderful castle with your baby princess. Nothing to do all day because there’s always someone else to do it for you, no friends (well.. unless you count Spice-Skinny-Posh out that is). Well, well… what can you do? Shopping? Yeaaah, a wonderful idea! Let’s go on a shopping spree!!! (oh, and let’s take Skinny-Posh-Becky-Vicky-whatever along). When you get tired of all that shopping (and posh-skinny-ing), what now? Mmmm… Cut your hair??! Yes, a super great idea! Maybe like that your prince charming will see you again (why not love you again?!). mmmm what now? Hair already short… shopping already done with…. mmmmmmm cut your hair again? And change it a bit, maybe NOW he’ll know you’re there! (we’re so impatiently waiting the radical change of colour!)

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#3 Little Bit on 08.24.08 at 8:01 pm

Sigh! I must confess I fell for Katie’s hair and, since mine was growing out from a very short cut I thought it’d be a real change for me. I LOVE IT! It’s hotter — I rodeo — but it’s cute after I get cleaned up. Again. *smile*

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