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Amy Adams From Lacoste Ad To Magazines Covers, She’s Everywhere!
I was just observing how our sidekick heroines keep fueling our clichés (Star Trek, anyone? think it through and see how women are really portrayed... Read More

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Mark Jenkins’ Lacoste Perfume Street Campaign
Getting back to Bastille Day: Mark Jenkins worked with French fashion & more label, Lacoste for a special kind of advertising campaign. One that will... Read More

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Lacoste Spring Summer 2012 Collection
Wow! Next time I’ll go play tennis, I’ll think differently about the clothes I’m throwing on my back! I know I’m belittling the importance and... Read More

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Lacoste Unconventional Chic Ad Campaign 2011
Will the new Lacoste 2011 ad campaign be more effective, commercial wise than the last one? And by the last one I am referring, of... Read More

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Lacoste Dot Fade Pack 2009
Lacoste goes digital with an interesting ad campaign for their new collection Lacoste Dot Fade Pack 2009. Lacoste Ibiza and Lacoste Carnaby are the Lacoste... Read More

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Tattoos And Fashion
I thought I’ve been writing my way around tattoos enough but still there’s room for yet another tattoos and fashion article! This one has been... Read More

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Lacoste Limited Edition By Fernando And Humberto Campana
Design is always a tricky business. Especially when over-logo-ing a piece of whatever (in this case a piece of Lacoste). Esteemed designers Fernando and Humberto... Read More

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Zaha Hadid Does Lacoste!
After you’ve been completely fed up with Zaha Hadid’s Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion, there will be more fashionable Zaha to digest in the future. (and... Read More

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