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Kanye West And Amber Rose Do MTV’s VMAs 2009
Was there any mention about a designated themed for this 2009 edition of MTV’s VMAs? If anything, this Video Music Awards 2009 edition was all... Read More

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Kanye West And The Louis Vuitton Trunks
I was reading an interview of Mighty Kanye and I came across a valuable piece of information you should be aware of when it comes... Read More

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Kanye West, The King Of Pop?
Self crowned, of course, just like the rest of Kanye’s titles and ego-honors! Now after seeing what he recently declared I’m starting to believe the... Read More

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Kanye West, The Gap Intern
Kanye West’s ego just got a huge downfashgrade! While talking high and low about his Louis Vuitton Don Self and how he made it big... Read More

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Kanye West’s Bday Nike Air Yeezy Sneaker Cake!
Distinguished designer extraordinaire, outstanding performer Kanye West celebrated his birthday Monday (8th June 2009). For his 32nd birthday he chose a special cake to show... Read More

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Kanye West Designs Second Louis Vuitton Sneakers Collection
It’s that Kanye & Louis Vuitton sneakers time again! Backstage photos of the design sessions Mr. Kanye West puts in for Louis Vuitton have surfaced... Read More

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Kanye West Advertises His Louis Vuitton Sneakers
Not long ago, I spawned a controversy regarding a bogus ad campaign for a so-called Billionaire Champagne. I’ll take the controversy road again for these... Read More

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The Complex Photoshopping Of Kim Kardashian For The April-May Issue
While it may seem to you a movie title, this is depicted from reality, 100%. By the new standards, reality can be bent, twisted and... Read More

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