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9 Simple Ways To Wear Your Jeans Cutoffs Like The Stars
Have you noticed how, once summer is fully installed, the jeans cutoffs or the jorts immediately become the new black? Everyone wears a pair of... Read More

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Fashionable Home: Smeg Denim Refrigerator
Trying to find the best solution to match our functional but modern kitchen, I had to compromise between the classic shapes and colors and small... Read More

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New It Jeans: Slouchy Stiletto Jeans As Worn By SJP
Sarah Jessica Parker has been known for starting a trend or two since her SATC days. Just the other day I was putting together an... Read More

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Denim For Spring: Levi’s Liberty Collection
There’s hardly any reason to add something else other than Levi’s when you want to talk about how the denim craze started. Because it all... Read More

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Every Skinny Jeans Addict Should Try The New Skinny Skinny Jeans!
Although I was waiting for the skinny jeans mania to be over seasons ago, it didn’t. Although I was hoping for the skinny jeans craze... Read More

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Penelope Cruz’ Sister, Monica Cruz Pregnant Baby Bump Looks Like This
While reading about Monica Bellucci’s Vanity Fair pictorial, I came across a piece of news talking about Monica Cruz’s pregnancy. Wait, what? When did that... Read More

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Glow In The Dark Is The New Cheap Monday Fashion!
I remember being over the moon, as a child, whenever I came across something that would glow in the dark. Now? It still holds some... Read More

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What To Wear For The Fall Daily School Run?
Remember when Claudia Schiffer was pregnant and she was on bump watch? And how she always got photographed on the school run? Picking up her... Read More

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