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Harajuku Vs Cosplay – Japanese Fashion Faceoff
It seems Harajuku was actually promoted by Gwen Stefani as a prototype for Japanese street style culture. Under many names and resulting from numerous inspiration... Read More

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Haute Paper Couture – Jennifer Collier Garments
Many designers work over their heads to create something original. White nights and stressful seasons to create daring patterns and innovative accessories. Some work with... Read More

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The Kaiser Lagerfeld Wears Prada
How high can you go and how inflated with your own ego can you be, once you get there? I often get to read about... Read More

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The Pregnant Man And Fashion Talk
I guess everyone’s heard about Thomas, the 6 months pregnant man by now. At first I was shocked, because the news aren’t quite fair on... Read More

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H & M Marimekko Collection Spring 2008
Finally some good news! Finally some qualified designer work hitting the high street fashion stores! And it looks good too! I’m not the H &... Read More

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So it’s finally official – Wino rulz the Fashion Kingdom! The likes of Karl Lagerfeld are handing over the crown to a drug addict, personality... Read More

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Fashion has its dirty ways. But nobody’s showing that better than Brittany Murphy! When I came across this picture I felt my eyes were in... Read More

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It’s Fashion Time to go Green with Wooden Accessories
It’s time to go green. If fashion has a conscience, then we should obey to it! Natural has never been so right before! So dare... Read More

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