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Elizabeth Hurley’s New Bikini Collection 2010
Despite the difficult times every business is facing these years, Elizabeth Hurley’s Beach Collection seems to go strong. Getting ready for the new beach season,... Read More

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Elizabeth Hurley’s Mobile Moment
“Where’s your limo, ma’am? Ma’am?” Liz Hurley, beauty extraordinaire, clearly clouded by some serious cognitive process fires away, cringing: “Hm, something’s wrong. Where are the... Read More

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The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion At Met Gala 2009
Last night it was all about the Model as Muse. Embodying Fashion but the trick is that even if some played the sure value with... Read More

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Elizabeth Hurley For Mango
What’s it like to have a completely respectable age and a completely respectable body? Well, it’s like this: you model for a fast fashion store... Read More

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Chopard, a Name in History
When Paul Andre Chopard was forced to sell his 100years family watch business because none of his sons were interested in taking over the company,... Read More

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