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Wearing Glasses? Try The Hippie Fashionable Glasses!
As two of our kids wear corrective eye glasses, we’ve been pretty much in and out of the opticians’ office once or twice every year... Read More

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Leonardo Da Vinci Designed Handbags: La Pretiosa Di Leonardo By Gherardini
As strange as the title may sound, this is certainly no joke whatsoever! Among the many fields in which history already documented he was brilliant... Read More

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Affordable Precious Diamonds, Everyone! Come See!
Ever since Peter Jackson’s Gollum, I can’t say / write “precious” without hearing him in my head “myyyyy precioooouuussssss”. That’s me. A movie fanatic. Every... Read More

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Care To Join Me For A Cup Of Christmas Tea?
Now since I started this Christmas Tree thing, there’s no stopping me! So I stumbled upon this little treasure – Christmas Tea. It was awarded... Read More

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Dare To Wear John Caswell’s Mr Button Buttons?
It’s the little details that matters. The little bits and pieces of personal approach, of individual style add up to an otherwise blunt wardrobe (blunt... Read More

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Cia Maritima Swimwear Collection. Ft Sony Vaio S Series By Benny Rosset
Cia Maritima is Brazil’s most important swimwear brand. However, during this year’s Swimwear Fashion Week 2012 from Brazil, something else other than weeny teeny swimsuits... Read More

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Royal Wedding Appreciation Style
As I find the Royal Wedding happenings pretty fascinating (as I do about pretty much every wedding, except this one has the entire world’s attention),... Read More

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Porsche Stylish Bobsleigh
This amazing Porsche Design Bobsleigh was available for $260. Was – because, for obvious Holidays and appropriate weather reasons, the sleek and stylish Porsche Bobsleigh... Read More

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