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Military Trend Goes Chic With Sophie Hulme
To tell you the truth, I look at this bow-coat and ask myself why I liked it in the first place! It was an instant... Read More

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Fashionistas Surprisingly Do Go For Fur Coats
Despite of all those Peta commercials, regardless to all those actresses who militated against fur, Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth love their Fendi Fur coats.... Read More

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Outfit of The Day – Urban White Outfit
We spent a few minutes trying to find the perfect name for this outfit. We came up with this ‘organic’ title that doesn’t say much.... Read More

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Outfit of The Day – Retro Colors of Weekend
For this week end we chose something comfortable but classy: A mix of materials and colors to give you a good vibe and a joyful... Read More

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Outfit of The Day – Grey and Purple Symphony
Today we’re proposing you a light, neutral outfit in tones of grey, purple and brown. It’s easy to wear, it sure looks gorgeous and it... Read More

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