Military Trend Goes Chic With Sophie Hulme

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To tell you the truth, I look at this bow-coat and ask myself why I liked it in the first place! It was an instant “WOW!” effect when first laying eyes on the picture!

Now I’m saying it’s not a big deal.. it’s on the back of the coat, wouldn’t enjoy it so much even if I had it…. And still… What can I do? I like iiit!!!
Part of the Sopie Hulme Collection said to “take strong, hard military clothing and make it beautiful and luxurious” the bow trench catch my eye and then I took a closer look and decided to bring you few more items I found interesting.

Sophie Hulme Bow Trench

For instance the tiny planes put together like snowflakes it’s pure genius! And have them on the back of a coat or on a bag is quite an idea. But nonetheless, that bow-trench is still my favorite. I guess I’m old fashioned after all. Bows do get to me! I’m only human!

Planes as Snowflakes Jacket and Bag By Sophie Hulme
(sophiehulme via refinery29)

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