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Anna Kournikova’s K-Swiss Ads
Anna, why don’t we see you playing tennis anymore? Because now I’m only pretending! You can see my Anna Kournikova tennis-player self in a series... Read More

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Segway Is Chic – The Chanel Segway!
Der Kaiser thinks Segway is chic! So chic, he decided to make a Chanel one! It’s maybe his way to say that even he’s using... Read More

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Bling Your Tennis Set With Tiffany Silver Tennis Ball Can!
It may sound strange, but Tiffany & Co. really is into tennis. And more than just to provide earrings for Maria Sharapova. Now they made... Read More

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Chanel Neoprene Dumbbells For The Fit Fashionistas
In case you were searching for a pretext to glamour up your fitness routine, here goes Chanel, made especially for you! We’ve already been Chanel... Read More

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Venus And Serena Williams Fashion Meet Tennis
I love tennis. Especially because I get to play with my husband! I’m not a pro, far from it! But if I enjoy playing tennis,... Read More

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Go Tennis With Pink Chanel Racket And Balls
Tennis is, for me, the sport par excellence. Karl isn’t keen on sports, but is the King snob specialist of all snobs. I don’t know... Read More

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Adidas No.74 – The Artsy Shopping Experience
Lately, stores have become so much more than just shopping areas. And sportswear companies so much more than just sport occasioned clothing. The ever innovating... Read More

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The $8,400 Louis Vuitton Golf Bag
If you can go fishing with Chanel gear or cycling with Gucci apparel, now here you have your very own Louis Vuitton Golf Bag. Ready... Read More

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