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Gucci Ski Goggles, The Christmas Gift For Sportive Fashionistas
I remember hearing Paris Hilton talking about her Holidays plans. And that it involved something about Aspen. And skiing. So I figured she mustn’t be... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals For A Bike Ride? Yes, You Can!
And why wouldn’t you? Louis Vuitton – everything is so chic and riding your bike is chic too. And it could take you straight on... Read More

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Victoria Beckham Plays Soccer. Wears Flats!
Kentucky’s Clay County children had the honor and pride to be joined in soccer maneuvers by Posh! None the other but Victoria Beckham seconded by... Read More

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André Leon Talley’s Stylish Health Plan
Wintour Says Lose Weight! So there goes André. He knows fashion like nobody’s business! Armed with Louis Vuitton from tip to toes, a Piaget blingy... Read More

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Playing Tennis, Wearing High Heels!
Jennifer Love Hewitt already holds a special place in Stylefrizz’ Fashion Disaster column. What follows next is placed under “Don’t Try This At Home” or... Read More

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Ride The Benz. The Mercedes-Benz Bike!
Now really, if Chanel can do it, than surely Mercedes-Benz will come up with a riding solution to upscale the bicycle riding as we know... Read More

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LVMH Debuts DKNY Bike Clothing
LVMH joins the design competition wave and throws a challenge to privileged students attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT): creating bike clothing and accessories.... Read More

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Beyonce’s Giant Bicycle
You’d think that when stars go out riding their bikes, they’d be surely riding some Chanel, Gucci & Co.! Not Queen Bee! No-oh! Beyonce was... Read More

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