Go Tennis With Pink Chanel Racket And Balls

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Tennis is, for me, the sport par excellence. Karl isn’t keen on sports, but is the King snob specialist of all snobs.

I don’t know what kind of racket this is and if indeed it’s a masterpiece, technically speaking. It’s carbon fiber, like her black sister, but besides being neon pink, it got an offspring – the white and pink Chanel tagged tennis balls. Judging by the price of her sister ($255), we could only hope it justifies the gap between a normal (great tennis racquet) $70 and a pink stylish $ two hundred and something. Then again, what’s the use of playing tennis if you can’t brag about your Chanel?

Pink Tennis Racket Chanel and Black Tennis Racket Chanel

The Racket was presented in the Spring Summer 2008 Chanel Collection (please allow me that ‘awwww! Gemma!’ moment – thank you!) and you can even see that there’s more to the Chanel Racket colors palette than we were led to believe! This proves, once more, the marketing design genius of Karl Lagerfeld who saw an opportunity and explored it fully by not only issuing a Chanel tennis racket but also by painting it all sorts of lovely fashion colors!

Gemma Ward Chanel SS08 tennis racket

Gemma Ward modeling the Chanel Tennis Racket in Chanel’s Spring Summer 2008 Fashion Show

Chanel Spring Summer 2008 collection tennis racket black

After all, it is but a sports racket, there’s no astrophysical science behind it (or is it?) and people who enjoy tennis will also enjoy a quality tool that would enable them to play the game with more ease and, overall, better. Of course, nothing sells for itself and when the Kardashians propelled the Chanel Tennis racket into the limelight again, everyone (and their dog) wanted a piece of the fashion ball game.

Kardashians Chanel Tennis racket

the Kardashians seem to have a special fondness for the Chanel Tennis Racket

See also: Karl Lagerfeld designed a bag for the Chanel Segway!

Not necessarily because they liked how Kris Jenner moans when she’s hitting the ball, or because they felt the unending love her daughter, Kim Kardashian, demonstrated when she gifted the Chanel racket to her mother (out of guilt, no less). But because, plain and simple, that racket was on TV! And if they can get a piece of the item which was on TV, it’s like they’ve been on TV themselves. Or not. (oh, yes, that’s one of the joys of a boutique: anyone can pop in and buy whatever they want. So Kim bought a Chanel racket for her mother which means the Chanel racket appeared in one of their reality TV series episodes)

Chanel tennis ball white racket

See also: Emporio Armani makes luxury rackets as well!

Chanel tennis racket blue

Chanel tennis racket balls fashion pictures

Don’t worry, though, if tennis is not your game, Karl Lagerfeld has something for you as well: badminton or ping pong? Chanel has it all! (via fwd, chanel.com, instyle.com)

Chanel badminton ping pong sets


#1 Ellington on 09.03.08 at 7:16 pm

I love tennis( I am watching the US Open at the moment.) and I like Chanel so when the two are combined , I just might be dumb enough to want to buy this racket because its soo cute! ;)
Oh and I bet that the Kaiser has one made especially for his bear Wee Kaiser and will fly Roger Federer in to give Wee Kaiser lessons! : )

#2 Dolly Bird on 09.03.08 at 11:08 pm

One word : Chic!

#3 Adriana on 09.04.08 at 9:19 am

Sorry girls I’m not tennis fan. But a friend is and according to her it has all to be white in tennis. Period! Its not my sport tho, I really tried to like it, but I was very charmed by Rafa Nadal and I don’t see him with a pink racket…but why not the black one?

Have fun Ellington hopes your fave wins…

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