Tarantino’s Signature Style

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Regardless of what your favorite movie is, Tarantino’s load of cinematographic clichés is what makes a true Tarantino! (and what better topic for the 1st day of Cannes 2010?)

And even if I’m sure there’s more, the trunk shot cliché is a mighty strong one in Tarantino’s movies. Hereby a collection of Tarantino-trunk-stills to remember just where his favorite angle lies. (truth being told, don’t you just feel left out when there’s an important trunk scene and it’s all being filmed from outside? Tarantino’s angle is much more participative, therefore I like it much more. Do you?) (via)

Quentin Tarantino Trunk Shots

Quentin Tarantino movies Trunk Shots

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#1 cc on 05.12.10 at 4:23 pm

great montage – yeah he really likes this low angle. I also love the way he steals from De Palma and tracks away from a loud violent scene to a quieter one and then back again usually in one, long extended shot. I thought that was amazing when I first saw it in the Mr Blond scene in Reservoir Dogs and then I saw Scarface and realised it wasn’t original.

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