Wear Casual Black For A Bright Future

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I was recently tipped about a lovely page of style in the neverending book of fashion interwebs and I decided I shouldn’t keep it all for myself. Bright Future is a slightly offbeat brand blending music and urban culture in a black set of clothing appealing to the young and fashionable individuals who care more about a style of their own than the style of the many or the many styles.

The modern woman who wears a lot of black in a lot of different, minimalist ways will most definitely see a Bright Future in this LA based clothing brand.

LA based clothing brand BrightFuture

And although I’m a pink girl at heart, I fell head over heels with some of the pieces they propose in the Spring Summer 2013 collection! Especially the crocheted dress below (right)!

casual urban black clothing BrightFuture

To fall in line with the philosophy of Bright Future, I won’t keep you reading long lines and euphoric descriptions of their fashion but leave you with some meaningful images from their ‘Bright Assimilation’ SS13 line. How do you like it? (more on brightfuturedesign dot com)

urban dressing black Bright Future LA

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