Great Gatsby’s Isla Fisher In Fashion, May 2013

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Isla Fisher is one lovely lady, talented actress, mother of two and wife to one of the most controversial entertainers, Sasha Baron Cohen. She’s also the covergirl of Canada’s Fashion Magazine for the May 2013 issue.

The cover line reads a direct reference to one of the four movies Isla has lined up for release this year: The Great Gatsby. It’s one of the most awaited movies of the year, being a Baz Luhrman project with high fashion costumes by Prada. The fashion world is shivering at the name alone: The Great Gatsby is set to premiere on May 10th Stateside and Isla Fisher is part of the cast, as Myrtle Wilson.

Great Gatsby s Isla Fisher Fashion magazine

The Fashion photos were taken by Chris Nicholls with a little styling help from Zeina Esmail. In precious jewelry tones, Isla makes a pretty impression all dolled up in Burberry or Herve Leger. I do like her a lot but I prefer seeing her act as she’s so lively, fun and engaging (we recently watched her in Bachelorette and, as always, loved her acting.)

Great Gatsby s Isla Fisher Fashion magazine pictorial

Isla Fisher Fashion Magazine pictorial

Canada s Fashion Magazine Isla Fisher

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