Vogue Equality: Joan Smalls, Raquel Zimmermann Kiss And Make Out

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Now that’s something you don’t get to see in every Vogue edition! It actually went further than Vogue Paris on some accounts! If we only consider the fact alone that France is struggling to pass the law of marriage equality, seeing Joan Smalls and Raquel Zimmermann kiss and make out in Vogue US’ latest issue is nothing short of sheer revolution!

Luckily, the fashion crowds know better than to take the streets and protest like some French people do.

The pictorial is called ‘To Rome with Love’, it was masterfully executed by Mario Testino and styled by Tonne Goodman with hair by Christiaan and makeup by Tom Pecheux.

Joan Smalls Raquel Zimmermann kiss make out Vogue

Raquel and Joan make a pretty decent couple, if we’re to take it literally and the fashion choices the stylists made for this pictorial follow certain clichés but they work out well together. After all, you wouldn’t actually expect both girls to wear skirts in the same photo. At all times. If Joan had worn sneakers with her pants suits, I would’ve been inclined to say that Tonne Goodman’s inspiration for Joan’s character was Ellen DeGeneres.

Raquel Zimmermann Joan Smalls couple up in Vogue

As general information, both Joan Smalls and Raquel Zimmermann are heterosexual – one of the most notorious relationships between high profile models involves Freha Beja Erichsen and Arizona Muse. Would’ve been pretty interesting seeing them in this pictorial instead of Joan and Raquel. A big thank you to Anna Wintour who approved this scenario for Vogue publishing in spite of the fact that not even half of the Union’s states and districts recognized the marriage equality. May this set an example for further reference! Fashion or otherwise.

Joan Smalls Raquel Zimmermann kiss in Vogue

Raquel and Joan play lesbian couple in Vogue March 2013

Joan Smalls Raquel Zimmermann Vogue pictorial by Testino

Raquel Zimmermann Vogue March 2013 Testino pictorial

Joan and Raquel by Mario Testino Vogue March 2013

Joan Smalls Vogue March 2013 Testino pictorial


#1 ana on 02.13.13 at 7:51 am

Lesbian chic at its best… Beautifully done.

#2 Appollonia on 02.13.13 at 10:41 am

France has accepted gay marriage yesterday, so it’s legal and gays have equal rights. Congrats, good news!! The protesters didn’t win. :)

Why can’t both girls wear or pants or a gorgeous dress? Or change their look per photo? So Joan is the masculine lesbian and Raquel the feminine? Lesbian chic? That’s narrow minded and a stigma.
I guess it’s very progressive because it’s American Vogue.

Just my opinion…

#3 ana on 02.13.13 at 12:39 pm

Where is the “stigma” ?

#4 Appollonia on 02.13.13 at 1:20 pm

Ah, sorry…wrong choice of English….I think it’s generalisation. A ‘wifey’ and ‘butch’. Is that better?

Again, just my opinion….

#5 ana on 02.13.13 at 2:22 pm

I understand now. thanks :-)I just cant see a woman as masculine for wearing pants. Perhaps because I wear pants 80% of times…

#6 Ellington on 02.13.13 at 2:43 pm

I agree with Appollonia on this. Joan is wearing trousers in every shot and Raquel is wearing the femmine dresses and skirts. Also what really bothers me is that whenever Hollywood or fashion do an inter-racial lesbian theme/shoot the black female is always the butch one… always.

#7 Appollonia on 02.13.13 at 3:25 pm


#8 kpriss on 02.13.13 at 10:04 pm

let’s look on the bright side, though: the very existence of this pictorial is a positive step in the right direction. Reality isn’t fashion’s strongest point, now, is it? :)

I was disturbed by the styling myself, especially since I never saw Raquel as the ethereal kind of girl to start with. Whereas Joan actually seems more engaged in this photo story than Raquel who seems head in the clouds for the most part.

Sensitive issues require careful handling. Hopefully Vogue is listening and taking the appropriate measures. Maybe bring an actual living couple for the next story?

#9 Jac on 02.13.13 at 10:20 pm

Joan Smalls is such a superstar she elevates Raquel’s modelling skills – IMHO. It didn’t even occur to me that Joan Smalls was ‘butch’ – I think she is an amazing model – something that is sadly lacking in fash mags today. I love me a supermodel!
Personally I think heteros being styled as lesbians reeks of ‘hey look we are cool & accepting’ – but is it? Would have been more inspiring if it actually was Ellen or Freja or Catherine McNeill.

#10 ana on 02.14.13 at 5:36 am

Dont get me wrong. I wasnt criticizing. Not the post neither the comments. As I said before it is beautifully done and very chic.
Chapeau to Vogue!

#11 Appollonia on 02.14.13 at 8:39 am

It’s stereotyping. Chic indeed, beautifully done, sure. But still stereotyping.
I don’t think that they should have used ‘real’ gays. Nonsense. Equality has to be equality. Period.

I used the words ‘wifey’ and ‘butch’ only as examples because……ah, whatever……Enjoy!

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