New Must Wear Pants: Sweatpants?

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My dahlings, I was reading this piece the other day and I really thought it wasn’t much to it. Except it grew on me. And not in the right way either. I kept thinking back on the lines I read asking myself, in complete disbelief, over and over again: really? Sweatpants are the new it pants? Granted, the piece was about men fashion, so I may not be in the best place to judge the trends. Although… when we, ladies, dress up, we do consider our men’s opinions, don’t we?

Thinking of these premises, I asked myself if I’d enjoy seeing my Adored Husband pairing a tweed jacket with a pair of gray sweatpants. And I wouldn’t. Not even if he would be just heading home after playing tennis with the boys. There’s a place and time for sweatpants and, the way I see it, their place is not on the catwalk but in a carryall along with the sneakers, the anoraks and the tennis tees (in my case, biensur).

No, don’t give me that look! I’m not hasty in judging off the sweat pants! Imagine I’d wear my beloved velour track suit pants with a silver sequined top and high heeled sandals – would that make the sweat pants trend any easier to digest?

the new it pants sweatpants


#1 Appollonia on 11.25.12 at 2:14 pm

Hahahaha…..the first time I went to diner with my ex-husband he wore sweatpants! I swear it!! He’d bought these the same day when we went shopping together. Also the first time. So later on he did pick me up for diner wearing these new sweat pants. I was speechless.

The eatery was not really fancy. It was a very nice organic restaurant though with all eco friendly food. In the late ’80’s the eco way of living was not as fashionable as it is nowadays. So people didn’t stare but I hated the pants. Later on he asked me out again. And the first thing I said was: “do not ever show up again in those sweat pants! If so I don’t go out with you!”


#2 kpriss on 11.25.12 at 2:26 pm

aaaww! that was a really funny story! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m happy to see you feel the same way about this awful sweatpants trend! :*

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