Hipster Summer Sandals: Tiina Laakkonen Greek Sandals

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If you’re incessantly browsing the sales sections of any eboutique searching for the perfect pair of sandals for the next hot summer at an affordable price, here’s a little something to help you. If you’re looking for something hipster – ish and cool but also celebrity – approved, Tiina Laakkonen greek sandals are what you need.

They’re really beautiful, flat and strappy, versatile and available in a multitude of shapes and colors. But where’s the celeb – seal of approval? Michelle Williams was seen wearing the said Tiina Laakkonen sandals! You can’t get more hipster – ish than that! (available through ancientgreeksandals; via)

Michelle Williams sandals greek sandals by Tiina Laakkonen

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#1 Riana on 11.06.12 at 4:23 am

I googled her name to be sure but with a name like Tiina Laakkonen one has to be original a Finn! (Land of my dreams…)
She’s a long time around; a former model. I’d never heard of her?

Laakkönen? Lääkönen? Láákkönen? Ever tried to understand that language? Or Estonian?

Cute sandals. Not really original. And in November? Nö nöt even at höme!

I am totally into the fashion of the North (Europe). :)

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