Replicate Any Color With The Color Sensing Pen!

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Now if you needed this, you’d think Christmas arrived earlier. And even if you didn’t need a Color Sensing Pen, you’d still receive it as a wonderful invention!

The Color Picker concept pen as designed by Jinsun Park allows you to scan anything you want and the pen’s color sensor with detect the color and produce it through its RGB cartridge! Talking about natural colors, huh?

revolutionary color picker pen concept

Let’s not fool ourselves, for the moment this dreamy pen is but a dream at the glorious state of concept product. There’s still a lot of information about this pen that hasn’t seen the light of internet yet and we may never get it.

picking colors pen concept

The designer is practically untraceable – other than a name and a couple of reports about the mythical color sensing pen. Theories go as far as saying that the idea is impossible for the time being due to some technological contradictions.

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Creating such a gadget is a designer-and-user dream come true, so naturally we’ll be seeing more of these little wonder babies around before we get to mass produce the real deal. Designer Majel Korytar imagined The Wacom Realism project consisting of a tablet and a stylus. The stylus would pick up colors with a special sensor and would instantly transport them on the tablet’s display. Neat, huh?

color picking stylus concept Matej Korytar

However, I think such a pen – should it ever be available for purchase – would be a wonderful tool to use for both professionals and amateurs alike. Two of my boys, for instance, are color blind and they have real troubles identifying which is red and which is green… This gadget would be the partial answer to their color-trouble.

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