Julia Roberts La Vie Est Belle Lancome Perfume Ad Campaign: Wrong Message

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Oooh, you are going to love this! Constantly under fire for too much retouching and un – real skin smoothing, Lancome is sticking by its spokesgirl. Julia Roberts returns for Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle perfume ad campaign. And while the print ad campaign is, as you’d expect, full of smooth Photoshop moves, the video commercial is so much more rewarding!

Because I always love a good laugh and this video took me there, you’ve got to watch it! (that’s because I’m an incurable optimistic and I refuse to see the dark side of the said commercial!) Don’t expect it to be funny or witty. Expect… nothing!…

…because that’s what you’ll get! Nothing! It’s such a style – empty commercial! First: Julia Roberts in white, walking in a room full of people dressed in black. That’s surely something we’ve never seen before! And (you’re welcome to disagree, but you know it’s true) Julia Roberts’ walk – at least in high heels – can make any duck yellow with envy (here’s a 10second – duck walk epiphany)!

Julia Roberts Lancome La Vie est Belle perfume ad campaign

Oh, and what’s with the spider – sparkling web – marionettes? Is there some kind of metaphor I’m not feeling here? Something that has to do with “Life is Beautiful” – Lancome’s perfume name? Seriously, people, just because you put on a white dress for a black tie soiree and duck – walk up some stairs doesn’t send a beautiful life message! Especially when you’re in a visibly high tower above the city and the windows are open wide! (this was triggered by a tFS posting)


#1 Riana on 09.04.12 at 6:22 am

I have watched a lot tv the last weeks. And I paid also attention to commercials. for a change Well, they are all silly. I never get these perfume commercials whether it’s Julia, Blake or even Charlize Theron or whoever more pass by. That Gucci one with Blake Lively looks uber silly too. I can’t remember what you wrote about it Kpriss so…..

#2 Roar on 09.07.12 at 8:25 pm

Yes, but she is SO DRAMATIC in this.

? It’s weird as heck. I think the puppet strings were the prettiest thing in the commercial.

Also confusing, that one woman suddenly putting on sunglasses.

#3 Elia on 09.21.12 at 7:29 am

This is the best commercial I have seen. It is a metaphor for life. How we choose to live our lives. Whether we are going to be held captive to a world full of diktat
( an order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent ) which symbolizes the ways of the world and all it’s glamour. Hence the black elegant clothing(darkness) the sparkling puppet strings
(control or enslavement) the woman putting on sunglasses
(spiritual blindness). Julia walks in full of light (the white sparkling dress) confident. She stops to think before she enters and when she does she too has the puppet strings but she breaks them off. She resumes her walk towards the open window with a glistening view of Paris. This commercial is basically saying that walking in the light (God) is freedom and makes life more beautiful than being a slave to the world no matter how glamorous it may seem therefore if you buy the perfume you will see that life is beautiful. Hence the name of the perfume. Brilliant advertisement!

#4 Michele on 09.24.12 at 9:57 pm

Oh, it’s SO trite and obvious. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. I’m embarrassed and I had nothing to do with it.

#5 Mandi on 12.19.12 at 10:44 am

OMG I am getting my stepmom this perfume for christmas!!!

#6 turkey neck on 02.10.15 at 8:03 am

It’s not bad, I get it… We are tied by what societyu thinks is good. She breaks free. The only thinkg I can’t stand is the huge grin at the end. It just looks ridiculous. She is a beautiful woman. But that is not a good ending. Should have been with her just looking over the city. Instead, it looks like a teeth whitening commercial.

#7 Joe on 11.06.15 at 7:39 am

I have seen a million commercials in the last half century and worked in the industry for 20+ years, appearing myself in more than 50 commercials. I just saw this on today’s morning news and pulled it up on youtube to watch it half a dozen times. Positively the most magical commercial I have ever seen. Totally captivating. I am watching and wondering, “hey wait that’s Julia Roberts… is this a new movie? God she looks simply gorgeous. She just seems to get better with age. That gown is magnificent. Oh, wow, that’s a commercial. Wait hit the backup button let me see that again! And again! OK I gotta find that on Youtube.” And I am someone who normally records shows on the DVR and skips thru all the commercials because they are so nauseating. Kudos to Lancome, the commercial director and to Miss Roberts for an absolutely brilliant job on this one. I haven’t purchased perfume in 25 years but I *may* just have to get my wife a bottle of this stuff for Christmas!

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