Here’s Molly Sims’ Post Baby Body. She’s Human After All!

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I was looking at some pictures of Gisele Bundchen the other day. Gisele, who as we all know, is pregnant with her second child (due in October they say), was modeling for some fall ad campaign or catalog and she was looking flawless! I couldn’t tell she was pregnant, and I know pregnant (wink)!

Now here’s another VS Angel with her little angel at the doctor’s office (in Santa Monica, California). Molly Sims, who gave birth to a baby boy mid June, looks pretty and radiant. (by the looks of her bra, she’s breastfeeding, so I’m guessing her getting back in shape will be done in no time)

Molly Sims post baby body

And contrary to those legends stating that models, after giving birth, are even skinnier than before being pregnant, Molly Sims looks like one of us! Clearly, she’s no alien! (relief sigh)

Molly Sims shows her post baby body

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