Gal Gadot Returns For The New Fast & Furious Six

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Always a success, the Fast & Furious movies series is now at its sixth installment. Fast Six is the name and, as previously, has rounded up all the usual suspects from the other five Fast flicks: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Ludacris. They’re working under director Justin Lin (also responsible for Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, Fast Five and the second Fast & Furious).

But take a look at Gal Gadot – isn’t she something? Pictured here with The Rock, Gal is part of the new Fast Six cast. Rihanna is said to be part of the new Fast adventure. Will her part be more convincing than her previous work in Battleship? We’ll wait and see, the release date is set for Spring 2013.

Fast and Furious Six lady Gal Gadot with the Rock

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