5 Fairy Tale Lingerie Sets For Princesses

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When we were growing up, we were mostly worried about the way our fairy tale princesses had their hair pinned up or down, on the side, down on their shoulders or about what color their dress should be that day more than we thought about what kind of lingerie they could wear. There’s a time for any question and the princess underwear time is now.

Through deviantART most talented people, here’s 5 fairy tale lingerie for princesses. If Louboutin can make Cinderella’s shoes, I’m guessing Agent Provocateur can at least take care of their underwear drawer! (oh, and Pocahontas and Tiana are my favorites! What’s yours – hit the jump to see them all!)

What Lingerie would Pocahontas wear

What Lingerie would Tiana wear

lingerie for Rapunzel

lingerie for Cinderella

Lingerie for Belle

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#1 Diyana on 11.12.12 at 5:14 am

Pokahontas and Tiana, are my favourites.

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